Taking care of your home is important if you want to maintain its aesthetics and value. A quality exterior painting can protect your home from the elements and also help in breathing new life into your home. However, there are some instances where it becomes necessary to paint your house.

Here are some of the top signs on how you can understand it’s time for an exterior paint job:

Peeling or Cracking Paint

If you notice the previous paint on the exterior of your house is peeling, flaking, cracking or even chipping, it is high time to repaint. The peeling and flaking can occur because the underlying materials are no longer protected because of mould, mildew, or dry rot. In these cases, paint pulls back, leaving the material underneath exposed and unprotected.

Cracks in caulk can also happen over time and this indicates the need for repaint as well. Do not ignore it if you notice any of these issues. Check the exterior of your house and see if you can observe small cracks in the paint. If you identify these issues and don’t take any action within time, your house may be further affected. Therefore, consult with painters in Auckland to get the job done hassle-free.

Fading Paint

Paint tends to fade over the years. The exterior of your house comes directly into contact with ultraviolet rays from the sun and extreme weather conditions which can deteriorate the colour of the paint. If your house is located in shaded areas, then it is likely the colour will fade more slowly as compared to exposed areas.

When you notice the colour of your house fading, you need to act fast to protect your house’s structure. Consider paints with UV protection that can help delay fading. Note that dark colours fade more quickly than light colours. So, you can repaint your home using a lighter colour. You can further protect your house with the help of regular maintenance such as caulk repair or power washing.

Gaps or Shrinking Wood

Have you ever noticed gaps between the wooden board in your home or bare wood peeking? This can be because of the moisture that is getting into the wood. The gaps in the wooden boards can lead to mould, dry rot, or mildew.

Proper maintenance over the years significantly helps in managing the issue of gaps or shrinking wood. However, you cannot protect it from external elements all the time. This issue calls for a fresh paint job as paint maintenance can help protect wood from outside elements and prevent damage to your home.

Stain and Mould

As the exterior of your house comes in contact with natural elements, it can lead to damage caused due to mould and mildew. You might notice the damage in the form of red, black, or green stains which are signs of fungus. In some cases, you may be able to wipe away the stains using pressure washing or using professional cleaning agents.

However, if you cannot remove the stains, it is best to opt for professional painting services. In such cases, the painters would kill the fungus using a beach detergent or other necessary products and use paint products that can prevent the growth of fungus. Apart from painting as an efficient solution, if your exterior wall is extensively damaged because of mould, you need to consider replacing the material. You can repaint the area once you have incorporated new materials to change the damaged parts of your house.

Damaged Stucco and Wood

No external surface is always safe from the elements. With time, there will be visible signs of damage to your property. You may notice cracks in your stucco or you can check to see if the wood is rotting. You can assess the bottom of your door frames to identify the rotting wood.

Identify the level of damage to your house and repair the surface first. Once you are done with this step, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to protect your house from the diverse weather conditions. Remember to keep a regular check of your property to ensure it is safe from any damage. Take appropriate action when you identify any signs of damage.

Changing the Aesthetics of Your House

Sometimes you can fall out of love with the colour of your house. If this is the case for you, then it’s time to repaint it. You can go with a colour of your choice, ask for recommendations, or choose a neutral colour that is suitable for your home. On the other hand, if you simply want to enhance your curb appeal and have invested in landscaping and driveway work, a paint job is the next step.

An exterior painter can help you in this regard. Such a professional is usually updated with the latest industry trends and can guide you to choose the perfect colour for your home that matches the aesthetic of your home. Repainting is also an ideal choice when you have decided to sell your house and you want it in good condition by getting rid of any visible damage or imperfections.

Moisture Damage

Water can damage not only the paint of your house’s exterior but also its frame. Water vapour can lead to blisters in the finish and damage the paint’s surface. This can cause flaking and further impact the wood underneath causing it to rot.

If you live in an area where it snows or frequently rains, then your house is more likely to get affected due to water. Look for deep cracks along the wood grain or you may also see soft spots which usually signal rot. If the exterior of your house has black or grey spots, then you already have mildew or algae growing due to excessive moisture or poor circulation. By choosing to freshly paint your home, you can eliminate any further damage to your property.

Thus, to maintain the longevity of your house and its exterior paint, it is crucial to check out for vital signs of damage. Choose quality paint services to ensure your house not only looks good and stands out but is also protected from the weather.

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