Welcome to RMC Painting Ltd, where we splash a bit of colour into your world, one stroke at a time. Whether it’s the cosy nook of your home or the bustling space of your business, our team of seasoned painters in Albany is here to transform your space into a masterpiece that speaks volumes. With a paintbrush in one hand and your vision in our minds, we set out to bring a fresh, vibrant look to every wall and corner.

Seeking Painting Services on the Albany?

Are you on the hunt for painters in Albany who understand the fine line between average and stunning? Look no further. At RMC Painting Ltd, we pride ourselves on diving deep into the essence of what makes a space uniquely yours. From the initial whisper of an idea to the final flourish of the brush, our approach is as personalised as the strokes on a canvas. Our goal? To ensure your walls, don’t just wear paint but wear a story — your story.

Forget the hassle of endless searching for house painters in Albany. You’ve already landed in the right spot. We’re not just about splashing paint; we’re about creating atmospheres. Whether it’s a serene azure for your study to inspire creativity or a vibrant yellow for the kitchen to start your day on a sunny note, we understand the power of colour. And with us, you’re not just another client; you’re part of the creative journey. We listen, we discuss, and we paint your dream, one shade at a time.

Trusted Albany, NZ House Painters

Trust isn’t given; it’s earned. And here at RMC Painting Ltd, we wear our badge of trust like a medal of honour. Our team of house painters in Albany doesn’t just show up; we arrive with a mission to leave your space better than we found it, filled with colours that reflect you. We understand that your home or business isn’t just a building; it’s a part of who you are. That’s why we commit to excellence in every brushstroke, ensuring a finish that’s as lasting as it is beautiful.

But don’t take our word for it. Our legacy is written on the walls of Albany — in the homes that beam with pride, in the offices that buzz with creativity, and in the hearts of our satisfied customers. Our approach is simple: we combine skill with passion and detail with creativity. We laugh with you, step back to admire the progress with you, and at times, we even share a cup of tea, all while making your dream space come to life.

Top-Quality Interior & Exterior Painting in Albany

At RMC Painting Ltd, we’re not just painting houses; we’re dressing them up for the spotlight! Whether it’s the welcoming walls of your interior or the protective shield of your exterior, we’re here to ensure your home or office stands out for all the right reasons. Our top-notch painting services in Albany cover every corner, crack, and crevice, ensuring a flawless finish that not only looks spectacular but also endures through seasons. We blend artistry with durability, offering a palette of solutions that transform and protect. Say goodbye to peeling, fading, and weather woes. With RMC Painting Ltd, your space is not just painted; it’s pampered.

Your Go-To Painter for Albany, Auckland, and Nearby Suburbs

Searching for a painter in Albany, Auckland, or the surrounding suburbs who can tick all the boxes? RMC Painting Ltd is your answer. We’re not just another name in the directory; we’re the friendly face of painting services, known for our reliability, efficiency, and quality. Our reach goes beyond Albany, touching hearts and homes across Auckland and its neighbouring areas. We’re all about making connections through colour, and bringing communities closer with every project we undertake. Choose RMC Painting Ltd, and you’re choosing a partner who understands your needs, respects your space, and delivers excellence, no matter where you are in the Auckland region. Let’s paint a brighter future together, one vibrant stroke at a time.

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what our client say


Brook Moore

4 months ago

“My husband and I have been nothing more than happy with the amazing attention to detail which RMC painting team have given us and our home. I’m so pleased with the work their team has delivered that we wanted to express our gratitude to you and your company.



4 months ago

“Ricky is a very professional painter but prepared to do small jobs as well as the big work. He works quickly and always cleans up afterward. Ricky is friendly and willing and has pride in his work. He has an eye for interior design which helps with that difficult job of choosing colours.”



4 months ago

“Ricky painted the bathroom in our rental property and was at all times professional and courteous.
He was very efficient with his work and finished on time. He did a great job and his painting helped transform
a very tired and old bathroom into a clean and freshly painted one in no time at all. Many thanks. “



4 months ago

“Ricky did a very professional and quality job to my apartment at Liverpool St. Really impressed with the stopping and paint finish. Reasonable price and very helpful. Got the job done promptly and made sure I was happy with the work.”


Martin Danes

4 months ago

“We used RMC Painting last year to repaint and repair a large office space with a lot of woodwork and hard to reach places. We were very grateful for the advice and quality of work that ensued. Ricky and his painters were not only professional but a pleasure to have around. We would highly recommend them.”

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