Roofs provide the ultimate home protection from rain, storm, sun and adverse climatic conditions. The roofs face the brunt of exterior weather conditions and hence lose their shine over time. Not only the colour fades away, but it is prone to cracks, growth of mold, and leakage of water through it. This makes it crucial to take care of the roof through periodic maintenance, restoration, and application of a new coat of paint.

Restoration of the roofs improves their longevity

The ever-changing weather conditions impact the roof in the long run. It has damaging effects without a complete inspection of the roof and maintenance. Roof restoration requires professional help for a thorough check-up of the roof health to reverse any damage.

  • The restoration process starts with cleaning and washing the roof with the help of a high-pressure spray. It helps wash the dirt, dust, grime, moss, algae, etc., from the roof’s surface.
  • This is followed by repairing any damage. If the damage is not extensive, restoration work is completed by replacing the broken tiles or metal sheets.
  • It is crucial to check for any leaks or cracks as it leads to seepage of water into the home’s interiors. For any existing, waterproofing the roof is mandatory to prevent the water from penetrating through the cracks.
  • On changing the tiles on the roofs, a replacement of the bedding is highly recommended. Strong bedding helps in keeping all the tiles in place.
  • Once the work of restoration is complete, the roof painting Auckland service helps restore the shine. Before application of the painting, it is crucial to spray anti-fungal spray to prevent the growth of fungus. Sealer or primer coat is applied before the application of paint coat.

Benefits of painting the roof after restoration

Once the restoration work is complete, adding additional protection through roof painting is crucial. Here are some of the benefits of painting the roof:

Improves the life span

Roofs protect the homes from a range of climatic and unfavorable weather conditions. Over time, it shows signs of wear and tears as the paint starts to fade or chip off. A fresh coat of paint fixes the damage and increases its life span. It protects the roof from harmful UV rays and gives a new look.

Make roofs energy efficient

One of the huge benefits of roof painting is reducing energy consumption and making homes energy efficient. With UV roof paint, sun rays are reflected back and hence help in creating cooler homes. The reflective roof painting traps sunlight during winters and insulates the homes, and it is an effective way to reduce the consumption of energy.

Increases the valuation of the property

As the roofs look new after the painting, it improves the home’s aesthetics and increases its valuation. As the appearance of the homes improves, it further helps get a better value for the homes. A property with a great-looking roof attracts buyer’s attention or even grabs better rent from tenants.


Looking for renovation and painting the roofs? It is the work of experts and hence highly recommended to consult professionals for comprehensive inspection to renovation. Roof paints are instrumental in protecting the roofs from damage and improving their life span.

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